May 12, 2014 Meeting Minutes

RPBBA-logo-jpgRockwood Park Backyard Beekeepers
Rockwood Park Nature Center, Chesterfield, VA
May 12, 2014
6:30 – 8:30 pm


–Meeting opened by – Sara Buckley

Meet & Greet-Welcome visitors and new members – Attendance-35+


a. Bee club purchase of educational tools/materials for use at meetings and festivals.

Purchase the following materials. Teaching hive “live demonstration hive with the bees frozen in place by the camera.  Each side of the eight frames have a photograph of real  bees in actual size.  Photographs include pictures of brood-honey-pollen, etc.  In 8 frame hive body.  Comes with CD for pp presentation.

Teaching hive                                                 $90.00

Lifecycle poster                                              $15.00

Beekeeper’s year chart                                  $35.00

Bees facts bookmark  (Qty 500)                    $60.00

Stickers                                                           $10.00

b. Motion was made to purchase educational tools and seconded.   Club voted yes to purchase educational tools.  Chris Buck will purchase and club will reimburse for cost.  Plan to have available by June meeting.

c. Honey bee Festival- Gene Disalvo- June 28th noon-5 p.m.  @Rockwood Nature Center-Admission free.  Karen Abel will raffle off cedar Langstroth hive ($5/ticket).  Learn how to create a bee-friendly yard, choose bee-friendly plants, and how to get started as a backyard beekeeper.  Music, face-painting, arts, and crafts.  Club has flyers to pass out.

d. Bumblebee Jamboree- June 14th Maymont Children’s Farm 11 a.m. -3 p.m. Rick McCormick heading up for club

e. Hives from Wilhelm will not be available so people who purchased them will be given refund.  Email him @

f. nucs @ $125 are available from Kenny Roberts

g. Valerie West from Richmond Beekeepers Association  greeted people and sold tickets for

“ A Evening of Apitherapy” with Reyah Carlson at the Science Museum of Virginia Friday June 27th 7-9 p.m.  Also, an intensive hands-on workshop is being offered for $20 Saturday June 28th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. (limit 20 people)  In addition, they are looking for volunteers to pull 2 hour shifts at the Science Museum to cover their new observation hive.  The RBA club hopes to hive installed by May 18th.  If interested in helping go to

Education:  What to expect in May. .by Dale Buck-

Check hives make sure have solid brood pattern and hive is queen right

Swarming season- take steps to prevent swarming – choose what works for you

Supply crowded colonies with additional hive bodies

Cross level

Get honey supers on for nectar flow

Speaker: Jones Tyler- Special l talk about what he’s doing now in the bee yard and general methodology.  He has 70 hives.

Every beekeeper should have nucs-best to buy local bees that are untreated-

Have a goal before you inspect your hives. Ex. Count frames of brood

Make notes-what’s blooming etc

Best to have two hives

Water: cools hive off- good to have a source. . bees like mud or wet soil

Feeding- do not feed established hive –feed packages


–          Social