July 14, 2014 Meeting Agenda & Minutes

RPBBA-logo-jpgThe Rockwood Beekeepers July meeting will be on Monday, July 14, 2014 from 6:30 to 8:30.  We’re looking forward to having several new visitors as a result of this year’s Honeybee Festival.  Fortunately, the nature center just received over 30 brand new, comfortable chairs just in time!  If you’d like to show up a little early to help us unpack these chairs and set them up, it would be greatly appreciated.

Refreshment Request if you can: We should have a lot of new faces Monday as a result of the Honeybee festival and I would like to ask if members could please bring snacks to share.  If you can’t it’s not a problem – we still want you there!

Our agenda for this meeting will include some review of the festival’s highpoints, an educational piece on bee biology, and an in-depth review of Top Bar hives – best practices, demonstrations, benefits and challenges.  We will also show you a “poor man’s” honey extraction if you only have a hive or 2.

We’re looking forward to seeing you Monday night!

Upcoming Calendar Items:

Rockwood’s annual picnic:

This year’s picnic will be Saturday, August 23rd starting at 4:00pm

The club will provide: drinks, hot dogs/ hamburgers, buns, and condiments.

Members are encouraged to bring side dish and/or dessert.

Beekeeping Class this Fall:

Introduction to Beekeeping Saturday-Sunday October 11-12 9 a.m. -4 p.m. course # 28874 Chesterfield

Fall Program guide:  Introduction to Bee Keeping – Join the Rockwood Backyard Bee Keepers Association for a fascinating foray into the world of beekeeping. Beekeeping is an exciting and interesting hobby with delicious results. If you’re thinking about starting a bee hive or are just curious about what’s involved with keeping bees, then this is a great introductory program for you. This workshop is designed for absolute beginners so no prerequisite knowledge is required. The program instructors will teach you how the honey bee lives, discuss different hive designs, seasonal hive management, pests and diseases, and tell you how to get started with your own hive. The class will be held at the Rockwood Nature Center. Class size is limited to 20 people so register early to ensure your spot. The program cost includes all educational materials. The cost for the two days of instruction is $150/person, or $180/per couple (family member, friend, child, etc.).

Annual Membership fee for Rockwood Beekeepers is only $15 per household.

Meeting Minutes:

Rockwood Park Backyard Beekeepers
Rockwood Park Nature Center, Chesterfield, VA
July 14, 2014
6:30 – 8:30 pm


–Meeting opened by – Rob Wokaty

Meet & Greet-Welcome visitors and new members – Attendance-50+


a. Bee club educational tools/materials is available to all members for use at meetings and festivals, home school, etc. (Chris Buck is keeping until closet is available at the Nature Center call 804 590 9863)

b. Honey bee Festival– headed up by Gene Disalvo and Kristy Orcuit- June 28th @Rockwood Nature Center-was a success this year.  Rob W. read some of the lessons learned to group.  Stressed the need for more volunteers and need to start planning for the event in the fall/winter.

Copy of lessons learned will be posted on web site for access by planning team next year.

Rob expressed a heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers who stayed at their post during the entire event and did so with enthusiasm.  It was professional well organized.

Next year would like to have a key/map that shows the different sources of honey where they come from and color.  (ex. Buckwheat, thistle, blackberry, etc.)

Book signer next year, more flyers, kids dress up:  give honey sticks to all children who come dressed up.  Stressed need for more volunteers. .

Profits from the event was $1,155.80 .  Visitor attendance grew to 788 by 5 p.m.

C.  Cedar Hive:  Karen Abel will sell raffle tickets during meeting for the cedar Langstroth hive ($5/ticket).  Karen will hold raffle tickets.  (they were in closet at Nature Center, first closet on right as you enter door to classroom)

d. Bumblebee Jamboree- June 14th Maymont Children’s Farm thank you note from Virginia Cooperative Extension was passed around.  Rick McCormick sent to Rockwood Park via email.  Will keep on file for future reference.

E.  New Website for RPBBA created by Jill Reid- more interaction.please visit: https://rockwoodbeekeepers.wordpress.com/

F.  Library is in the closet:  some magazines and one book on plants in there.  Where are all the books?

G.  Closet:  Rockwood Park Nature Center plans on moving archery equipment out of closet soon so RPBBA can have the whole closet.

H.  August meeting:  Having a picnic instead of meeting.  August 23rd.  @ 4 p.m.  Club providing drinks, meat, buns, condiments, etc.  Club members asked to bring side dish.  In event of rain picnic will be held in nature center.  Was suggested if you have anything to sell/trade bring it to picnic.

I.  Request to have hives put on property or places to put your hives discussed.  Put on the web. .request are sent to members via Rockwood email. . .

Education:  no education portion

Speaker: Rob Wokaty on Tanzania and Kenya top bar hives

(could not find projector:  found in closet-Rob had a great PP Presentation with videos)

Top bar hives started as fallen logs then to baskets with removable bars.

Tanzanian – long box –hung from trees to keep animals out-28 combs-split lids

Kenyan- can be made out of scrap wood  frames 12” high 30 degree angle.

Best if make as long as langstroth

Top bar problems:  cross comb (can use follow board), slumping, double comb, nucs, feeding, supplements

TB observation hive:  showed picture can see sides of comb in hive –

Honey extraction:  showed how to videos- crush and strain method-  5 gallon paint strainer from Lowes can be used.  Use honey gauge on buckets best gates prevents leaking.

Showed video using heat gun to melt cappings on honey frames before extracting. .

Showed slideshow of honeybee festival. .

Q & A on top bar hives

–          Social- lots of items brought in . .watermelon bowl, big glass skep of lemon aid, cookies, hummus etc.  . .thanks to all who brought goodies.