Big Event, Special Guest! The next Rockwood Park Backyard Beekeepers Club meeting is Monday, March 9th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Rockwood Nature Center, Rockwood Park.

After a brief business meeting and club update, the members will be educated and entertained by Sam Comfort, founder of Anarchy Apiaries.

Sam Comfort won six beehives in a poker game in 2002, then spent several years working in large-scale migratory pollination, honey production, and queen rearing. Exploring a different route, Anarchy Apiaries now provides surplus honey, queens, and bees from about 400 rustic, treatment-free hives, a mix of Kenyan top bar, Warre, and Langstroth mostly in New York, Vermont, North Carolina, and Florida. Sam freely shares a lot of tips, songs, why’s, how’s, and plenty of opinions for and against this approach, the state of the bee industry, and how communities can work together towards self-sufficiency in beekeeping.The mission of Anarchy Apiaries is to bring the means of production back to the beekeeper, to make beekeeping feasible, simple, and affordable for all, and to facilitate the beekeeping network with more hives than televisions, because bees are ultimately about awareness.


T-Shirts are still for Sale ($15), so bring your checkbooks or cash.

Future Topics:

· April 13th – Raising Queen bees, followed up by a panel discussion on when to re-Queen.

· May 11th – Companion Plants, Nature’s Natural ‘Pesticides’

Hope to see everyone at the next meeting!