Local Honey for Sale – CSA shares too!

We have local honey for sale from hives next to Pocahontas state park sold in jars
  • 1 pound $10
  • 1/2 pound $5
We also have 10 hives set up at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and am offering shares in a honey CSA…
  • full share is $75  – members receive six 1# jars of honey throughout the season starting in late May, plus 1 jar of comb honey AND 2 passes for an Apiary visit (in-the-hive tour) during the summer.
  • 1/2 share is $45 and includes 3 1# jars of honey, 1 jar comb honey, 1 pass for an Apiary visit (in-the-hive tour).
For more information please visit www.brighthopefarm.com, email us at BrightHopeChesterfield@gmail.com or call/text (804) 822-0400.

2 responses to “Local Honey for Sale – CSA shares too!

  1. What is the difference between raw honey and local honey?


    • This honey is both local and raw. Raw means it has not been pasteurized – most store-bought honey is pasteurized. Local means it is from around this area – most store-bought honey has been imported from far away, like China or Argentina.