Honeybee Festival

Just a few days until our 6th Annual RPBBA Honey Bee Festival. The club has done an excellent job and it should be a fun event for people of all ages and of all knowledge levels of beekeeping.

If you have volunteered and not heard from a committee leader, please just show up prior to 10 a.m. and ask any RPBBA member for either Gene DiSalvo or Kristi Orcutt and they will certainly find a place for you to assist. Thank you to those that have volunteered the last few weeks too. We need those extra hands and your assistance is greatly appreciated. If you have not yet volunteered and are interested in joining your fellow club members, then just please come out on Saturday and see Kristi or Gene. Volunteers, please wear your yellow RPBBA t-shirt if you have one. Rumor also has it that there will be club t-shirts for sale the day of the event too.

We also always need canopies and folding tables of every size. Every year the club members always come throughon Saturday morning with some extra tables and canopies that they loan us for the day and hopefully this year we can continue that tradition.

Looking forward to everyone joining in on Saturday as we live the mission of RPBBA!!!

Gene DiSalvo