Beekeeping Protective Products

We BBny are New York based distributors of Beekeeping Protective Clothing and accessories since 2000 with state of the art ISO Certified manufacturing facilities in South Asia.
We have complete range of beekeeping protective products according to climate needs of different States.  Most of our products are CE approved and guaranteed to have excellent quality and competitive prices.   We have a dedicated R&D  department which is contentiously working to develop new products keeping ahead of modern era as well as client requirements.  We are big enough to handle any size of order as well as flexible to handle small quantity orders.  We are committed to deliver quality products on time at competitive prices.
We are interested to expand our customer base and shall be very grateful to you if you inform your members about our services and products and helping us finding customers.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Best regards.
Ali Rizwan
1692 Flatbush ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11210

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