Tom Sawyer Queen Rearing Classes

Every weekend starting mid-April through end of May 2016:

Simple easy ways to raise 1-10 queens using several methods without even worrying where the existing queen is.

$50 each day that you wish to participate

Methods: Hopkins, splits, walk-away and Cloake

This will be field work – you will be in the hives.  No gloves allowed.

If interested email Wilhem at

Itinerary coming soon to help you decide which day(s) you would be interested in.


2 responses to “Tom Sawyer Queen Rearing Classes

  1. On a fixed income this is a little steep but I’ll sure try. It sounds so interesting awesome, thank you.
    Kindest regards,
    Deborah Evans


    • You don’t have to do every session – in fact, it might be best do do it sometime in May because then you can see what he’s been doing all along.