2 items: State Fair & Military Member

Regarding the State Fair: If any one wants to enter their honey or wax or observation hive or gadget or other hive product in the competition the deadline for registering is September 2!!! Since this is before our next meeting we are sending out this information now. For details on what and how to register your product please visit the State Fair site at: www.statefairva.org They recommend that you register for all categories interested in even if you end up in only a few(especially the honey colors). Each entry is $1 and can win up to $15 for first place. Again deadline for registering is September 2. We will announce more info on the fair and honey sales and volunteer sign up at the next meeting!

Regarding Member with Military ID: The club is purchasing a storage shed which will be placed near the Nature Center at Rockwood Park. This will give us the storage space we need for all the club things which currently are in people’s homes. We found a suitable shed and were informed that the club will be getting a 2.5% discount if we have a member who is active or retired Military. Please respond if you are a current club member and you have a military ID or know of an active club member who does.