Stargell’s Apiaries

My name is ¬†Brandy Stargell, my husband ¬†Matthew and I are the owner’s of Stargell’s Apiaries In Varina, VA. We are a small but growing family operation. We are located near the Richmond Airport. I would like to extend an offer that we have only to Bee Clubs in our area. We are offering 3lb Packages for $90ea on order of 100 or more. Less than 100 the price would be $98 each. Also, we have Nucs priced at $140ea on order of 50 or more and less than 50 $165 each. We do ask that Payment in full be made before 1/1/18 so we can reserve the correct amount.
Matt and I are open to any questions or concerns that you may have, fell free to email us any time.
Brandy Stargell
Stargells Apiaries