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BLUE RIDGE BEES – Queens for sale

I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Scott Ehrenfried with Blue Ridge Bees. We currently have Bee Yards located west of Vera VA in Appomattox, VA and in Poquoson, VA.  Please consider contacting us should you ever need Mated Queens or Queen Cells. Should your club members wish to place a “Club Order” special pricing can be arranged.

 If you’re looking for gentle, easy to work bees, we have the Mated Queens that will produce them. Gentle bees mean less protective clothing and a more enjoyable bee keeping experience.

Our queens are bred from our overwintered master hives and are great producers. All queens are local (to Appomattox, VA) Free Range Mated Italian or Dark Carniolan Queens and come marked.  These Gentle strains of bees are raised on all natural, small cell, chemical free comb and have been inspected and certified by the Virginia Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Queens are available for purchase on an as available basis, call, text or email for current availability.

Dark Carniolan Queens are available though the supply is limited.

2017 Queen Pricing: $35.00 picked up from our bee yard, Call, text or email to schedule a pickup appointment.

2017 Shipped Queens: $35.00 plus Priority Mail shipping charge of $10.50 or Priority Express Mail shipping charge of $30.00. Each additional queen carries an add-on shipping charge of $5.00.

Next available batch of queens expected to ship July 24th to 26th 2017.

Queens are available for pickup on Sundays from 11am to 5 pm at our Appomattox, VA location, a pickup reservation is required.

Scott Ehrenfried

Blue Ridge Bees

Mated Italian or Carniolan Queens




Scottsville Supply Co

I wanted to make a quick introduction of my new store in Scottsville, the Scottsville Supply Co. LLC which we opened this past November We are a small bee supply store with a storefront and website ( We are primarily a Mann Lake dealer though we are expanding our product line each week as the spring nears. We typically announce newly arrived products on our Facebook page, and they are immediately added to our online store. By mid-March you will hopefully find everything you might need to start, grow, or maintain your apiary.

We also have plenty of packages left for pre-ordering. Our customer pickup date is on or about May 5th. The bees are sourced through Rossman Apiaries in Georgia. Ordering can be done in-store (Tues-Sat) or 24/7 on our website:

Prices are as follows:

Unmarked Queen Packages (quantity 1 – 4): $115/each

Marked Queen Packages (quantity 1 – 4): $120/each

7% Discounts on orders of 5 or more packages**

Unmarked Queen Packages (quantity 5+): $106.95/each

Marked Queen Packages (quantity 5+): $111.60/each

**Packages must all be either “Marked” or “Unmarked”, mixing is not available for the discount. Also, I ask that individuals please do NOT go in together on a single order to receive a discounted price. The discount is intended for individual beekeepers buying bulk quantities their own apiaries.

I would be grateful if you shared our information with your association. I am just a backyard beekeeper myself and a member of the Buckingham Bee Club. I live in Scottsville and thought our area needed a bee supply store to make products and educational resources more accessible. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have in regards to our store.



Heather Stertzer, Co-Owner/Beekeeper
Scottsville Supply Company LLC
531 Valley Street
Scottsville, Virginia 24590

Local queens for sale

We have two queens Italian not marked $25
Call me if interested .
Chris Buck