2019 Honeybee Festival

The 2019 Honeybee Festival is fast approaching!  This year’s festival is June 15 from 10a – 2p.  Click HERE to download a copy of our festival flyer.  Click HERE for a copy of the festival map.  Invite your friends and neighbors!  Please VOLUNTEER to help!  We need everyone helping to make this a success.

2018 Chatham Virginia Backyard Beekeeper’s Conference – February 2, 3, 2018

Practical Back-Yard Beekeeping

Friday- February 2 and Saturday February 3, 2018

For Small-Scale (Hobby) and Serious Sideline Beekeepers


Olde Dominion Agricultural Complex in Chatham, Virginia

      FRIDAY FEBRUARY 2, 2017 $35

Friday Evening (6:00 PM) we will sponsor a Special “BEEKEEPERS DINNER AND PROGRAM” Starting with an exquisite catered meal. All courses will be flavored with specialty honeys! The main course will be Black Angus Beef. (This meal gets rave reviews every year from the attendees!) Immediately following the dinner, (7:00 PM) Dr. Debbie Delaney will present two fascinating programs titled Bees in Trees &Coal Mining to Bee Keeping” to be followed by audience Q’s and A’s. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. To Register: http://halifaxbeekeepers.org/index.php/upcoming-events Checks, Money Orders or questions contact Jim Zeigler (jimmyz6@centurylink.net ) or call Jim at 434-376-4490.

     SATURDAY February 3, 2018$60


Kickoff Coffee, Tea, Donuts and Fruit Light Lunch at Noon; planned morning and afternoon breaks.

Topics: Sustainability of Honey Bees, Nutritional Forage for Pollinators, Why Genetics are Important To a Beekeeper, and Honey Marketing. (End at 4:00)

Plenty of Q and A Time

To Register: http://halifaxbeekeepers.org/index.php/upcoming-events Checks, Money Orders and Questions go to Jim Zeigler jimmyz@centurylink.net or call Jim at 434-376-4490

Dr. Debbie Delaney Biography


Dr. Delaney is an associate professor in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware where she mentors graduate and undergraduate students working on various aspects of pollinator health and productivity. She teaches Insects and Society, Apiculture and Pollination Ecology and Aquatic Entomology.

Debbie has 20 years of experience working with pollinators, specifically honey bees and maintains between 25 and 60 colonies in the teaching apiary at UD’s Newark farm. She is also

proud to say she was a beekeeper before she became a scientist and ran a small honey business. Debbie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from her career achievements on many subjects relating to honey bees. We are fortunate to have Dr. Delaney include our two day symposium in her busy schedule.

Wooden Ware Workshop Feb 24, 2018

Hello fellow Beeks,

Just checking to see if you would join us in Feb 2018 for a combined wooden ware workshop. We have a large enough space where we meet in Sandston to assemble hive parts and frames. In the past we have ordered supplies from Andy Westrich and people picked them up on Saturday. Some stayed to assemble and others took their supplies with them. See info below on prices, etc. We will do the workshop on Sat Feb 24th from 9am-2pm. We’ve had three air nail guns and jigs etc to use. Please let me know if your group would like to join us or if a different Sat that would work for your group.  To see new beekeepers putting things together is refreshing too. Thank you.

Steve Bugnacki

East Richmond Beekeepers

I got the price list Andy Westrich will use for the Feb Wooden Ware Workshop on the 24th of Feb. Please send it out to your members that would like to order some things. I realize it is early but perhaps some there are some who would like to at least place an order for the holiday gift season. Any questions on ordering please contact Andy Westrich at  andy@hamptonapiary.com

They can pick up at our location for the workshop…. 13 N Confederate Ave, Sandston,
VA 23150 on the 24th of Feb between 9 am and 2 pm.
If you are interested in helping with the workshop or could lend some assembly equipment please let me know. Our beekeeping family is growing. Let’s make 2018 our best year ever for beekeeping!
PS Andy has kept the 2017 prices for us to take advantage of for 2018.
PSS Also is attached something to sing along to if you want. Share it so
freely if you want.