Maymont Bumblebee Jamboree 2015

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Bumble Bee Jamboree
Where:  Maymont Children’s Farm, Richmond, VA   (map of area attached)
Time:  Flexible time frames to suit your  schedule. .or
    shifts: 10-12 set up & booth              12-2 booth attendant         2-3:30 booth and tear down
Provided:  tent table  education kit. observation hive. .etc.  . . .
What to bring:  water, lunch, RPBBA tee shirt , chair
What do you do?  Talk bees answer children’s questions
General Info:  the park opens at 9AM personnel will be waiting out side the entrance .  You can pull in to unload supplies, including chairs, lunches, etc. and they asked us to park outside the fence so the parking lot is available for visitors.
Set up:  10 a.m.  arrive 9:45  We have until 11 officially.
 Take down at 3 after the butterflies have been released at 2:45.
Flyer Info:   attached flier so you can post it and tell your friends.
News coverage: Jessica Knowles, from WTVR  will be onsite the day of the event, taping for a later date televising in an evening time slot.  Great coverage.
If you would like to help, please contactChris Buck  on this form:
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