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Unintended Consequences of Indiscriminate Spraying for Mosquitoes

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Thanks to Andrea S. for bringing this broadcast to our attention.


CCD and neonicotinoids

Study strengthens link between neonicotinoids and collapse of honey bee colonies – click here to read Harvard Press Release

Things you may see in May

These photos were shared by our member, Chris B.  These are things you may see in May:
1. tulip poplar
2. frame full of brood
3. different colors of pollen bees collecting in spring
4. frame with swarm cells
bee tree tulip poplar
bee frame may 2014 (2)
bee pollen spring 2014 (3)
bee frame may 2014

Plight of Pollinators Leads to Rise in Backyard Beekeeping

Catherine Komp, WCVE news

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Super Slow-Motion Video Casts Honeybees in New Light

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Our Bees, Ourselves – NYT Article

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Thanks: article sent in by Gene D.

Preview Time Magazine – A World Without Bees

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Are local honey bees healthier than imports?

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The Basics of Bearding

Bees Bearding

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