Spikenard Farms – March lecture & workshop

Dear Rockwood beekeepers,

I wanted to pass on some information about a beekeeping lecture and workshop that we are sponsoring in March at the Richmond Waldorf School.  They are being led by Gunther Hauk who founded Spikenard, the honeybee sanctuary in Floyd, Va.
I appreciate all your group is doing to help honeybees and hope Gunther’s approach to beekeeping will be of interest to some of your members.
Please feel free to let me know if I can answer any questions about the workshop for you.
Many thanks,
Jenny Dilworth0001

Tom Sawyer Queen Rearing Classes

Every weekend starting mid-April through end of May 2016:

Simple easy ways to raise 1-10 queens using several methods without even worrying where the existing queen is.

$50 each day that you wish to participate

Methods: Hopkins, splits, walk-away and Cloake

This will be field work – you will be in the hives.  No gloves allowed.

If interested email Wilhem at bluehivebees@gmail.com

Itinerary coming soon to help you decide which day(s) you would be interested in.

Classes & Resources mentioned in Monday’s Meeting

Hi Folks – The following were mentioned during the meeting and in case you didn’t have pen or pencil to jot down notes, below is the information regarding the upcoming classes as well as links of interest:

  • Check with your local Southern States for free beekeeping classes this weekend.
  • September 27th 2-4pm Kristi & Harlan will be teaching beginners and intermediate classes in Dinwiddie. Class cost $35 – to sign up please email cindy
  • Sarah mentioned several very helpful beekeeping sites on facebook that you might be interested in:

Have a great weekend – enjoy the UCI Bike Race next week!

Jill Reid
RPBBA Communications Director

Beekeeping Class at Lewis Ginter


The Beekeepers Year: Winter into Spring

Sundays, 2 – 4:30 pm

January 25, February 22, March 22, April 19, 2015


Learn the basics of setting up your own backyard beekeeping by following and learning the common tasks that define the rhythm of the beekeeper’s year. Hands-on instruction, assistance in ordering equipment and bees, and a workshop to assemble your hive, plus opportunities to learn how to install bees into a hive with the assistance of experienced beekeepers, are all included.

  • Basic terminology, ordering equipment and bees January 25
  • Locating your apiary, assembly workshop February 22
  • Frame by frame: what to look for in the hive March 22 (rain date March 29)
  • Installing nucs and packages, feeding, supering April 19 (rain date April 26)

$100 member 

Pairs (adult/child age 10 or older, spouses, partners) may register for $15 per additional person). 


Introduction to Bee Keeping Class

​Join the Rockwood Backyard Bee Keepers Association for a fascinating foray into the world of beekeeping. If you’re thinking about starting a bee hive or are just curious about what’s involved, then this program is for you. This workshop is designed for absolute beginners, no previous knowledge is required. Learn how about hive designs, management, pests and diseases and how you can get started. Includes a working session in an active honey bee hive, veils provided. Cost includes all materials.

Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 11-12, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Course 28874

$150/person, or $180/per couple (family member, friend, child, etc.)

Register at www.chesterfield.gov/parks804-748-1623