Educational materials kit to use for festivals, classes, home school, libraries etc.

This is a kit I put together for the club. It is for any member’s use. Please complete the form below if you would like to use the kit. It has been used and enjoyed many times since its creation. Any suggestions on improvements would be appreciated.

~Chris B.

Contents of Kit

bookmark bee 500
brochure holder 1
poster life cycle chart 1
poster beekeepersyear 1
teaching frames set 10
10 frame 9 5/8 box 1
bottom board 1
painted rocks 2
pencils pens markers
top for hive 1
avery lables 1 box
extentable pointer 1
Hand truck -folding 1
bungie cord 1
table cloth 2
duck tape 1
Clear Box 2

Rockwood park banner
red tie downs