Welcome to our community clazzifieds (classified ads)!  The purpose of these ads is to help our community find the things they need locally.  You do not need to be a member of RPBBA to post an ad, but you do need to be local.  The ads are free, and there’s no time limit* for how long your ad can be posted.

If you’re looking to buy honeybees, honey, other products, etc – please look at the links on the right-hand side of this page.

If you have honey that you want to sell; nucs or packages you want to sell; equipment that you would like to sell/rent/allow others to borrow; or any other need related to honeybees and beekeeping that you wish to post a clazzified for – just complete the form below for posting approval.

Once approved, postings for ads/requests/etc. will appear under the “Things We Do” section here.  We try to get your request approved and posted within a few days so please check your email in case we have a question or need additional info.

Privacy Note:  Our website is completely open to the public – your ad can be seen by anyone, and it will also post to our facebook page. 

*Ads/posts will be periodically reviewed – anything outdated will be removed.

The following disclaimer will appear on each ad that is not sponsored directly by RPBBA:

Disclaimer:  RPBBA neither endorses this ad nor assumes any liability for responding to any ad posted here.  Please use your own good judgment when responding to ads and immediately report anything suspicious to the local authorities and notify us as well.



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