Swarm in Tree
Honey Bee Swarm in Tree – click for larger image
Bumblebee (important pollinators), Yellow-Jacket Wasp (carnivorous – they eat other insects including bees and pests), Honey Bee (important pollinators)

We can remove honey bee swarms for free. If you found an established hive in a building, we can help you try and find a member willing to remove it (usually for free as well). Wasps are important pollinators, too, though yellow-jacket wasps (shown above) are not (though may still play an important role in the garden).  If you have a wasp colony that must be removed, you will need to call an exterminator.

Do you have a swarm of honey bees that you would like to report?  Submit the form below or, for a more immediate response, please call our swarm hotline.

Please note that this form and phone number are ONLY for swarm calls.  If you have a general question, please email us at rockwood.beekeepers@gmail.com.


(804) 404-BEE1          (804) 404-2331

or report a swarm here:

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