RPBBA: A Message From Your Club President, Stan Houk

Hi Everyone,

Two important Club events are happening in June.

1) One of the best Honey Bee Experts, Dewey Caron, in the country will be guest speaking at our June 13th Meeting in Powhatan at 7:00pm.

Powhatan Village Building Auditorium
3910 Old Buckingham Rd
Powhatan, VA 23139

This is being held jointly with Huguenot Beekeepers.

2) The 2022 400th Anniversary of Honey Bees Coming to America Honey Bee Festival at Rockwood Park on June 25th.

Please come to both events! We will finalize the details of the HBF at the Monday Meeting and need your participation of some kind in the Festival.

Our Charter Mission is educating the public about honey bees and their role in our environment. Our best way is through the Honey Bee Festival. Together, we can do ANYTHING, but we need help from EVERYONE!

There’s still time to become a part of it.

a) Please plan to donate to our bake sale with homemade cookies or other non-refrigerated baked goods. These must be packaged for individual sale. Cookies are simple. Please note: Many people have allergies and refrain from using nuts. Label accordingly.

b) Not a baker? Donate a case of water that can be sold at the booth as we are expecting over 3000 to 4000 attendees.

c) Do you have some time to give? Help us set up Friday night (5pm), Saturday morning early (7am), or help take down afterwards (2pm). Your gift of time will assist tremendously.

This Saturday, June 11th, I will be at the Virginia State Bee Conference at the Blue Ridge Community College, manning a booth of historical info about the 400th Anniversary of Honey Bees Coming to America and inviting beekeepers from around the state to attend our Honey Bee Festival. This is the only 400th celebration in the state (and maybe the country). Let’s make it one for the history books!

I hope to see you this Monday night in Powhatan and at the Honey Bee Festival.

Stan Houk
President of RPBBA

2022 Honey Bee Festival Flyer for printing.pdf

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