Bee A Beekeeper

If you are a new beekeeper, do not be intimidated. There is a steep learning curve to understanding our apis mellifera friends. We are here to help get you through that learning curve and even get you on the path to becoming a Master Beekeeper if that is your desire. Our club is more than a decade old and we have some great enthusiastic teachers and mentors.

So, you want to bee a beekeepers but don’t know where to start?

  1. Join Your Local Beekeeping Club You can find your local club here. If RPBBA is local to you, we hope to meet you soon!
  2. Take a Beginner’s Course RPBBA is a member of the Virginia Beekeepers Teaching Consortium and offers an annual Beginner Beekeeping course typically beginning around the end of January. The course is designed to help new and novice beekeepers get started and is timed for participants to complete the course coming into Spring.
  3. Shop Local RPBBA also maintains a list of local suppliers for purchasing honey bees and equipment.
  4. Find a Mentor A benefit to joining your local beekeeping club is it creates a network of beekeepers in your area. RPBBA has several members who volunteer to bee a mentor.
  5. Continue your Education RPBBA has a study group that meets monthly; it’s open to all members who want to learn.
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