RPBBA Needs You!

Hi everyone,Our favorite festival is nearing. Our planning committee is tying a bow on their preparations to make this year a success. I have been so impressed with their efforts and equally impressed seeing the number of volunteers willing to help man a station at the festival. 100+ volunteers, wow!

There are a few areas in which we would like to see more sign-up’s.

  1. Bake Sale Current sign-up count is 12. Of those, we have 4 commitments to donate cases of water. We could use more water and more baked goods. Bringing water is a great (and easy) way to contribute without any baking skills necessary.
  2. Drone Supply Our festival allows kids the unique opportunity to pet drones. To do this, we need members to help supply drones from their colonies.As the kids pet the drones, they fly away and we pull another. Current sign-up count is 1 (for an estimated supply of 20 drones). We are in desperate need of more members to supply drones.
  3. Honey Extraction Current sign-up count is 3. Everyone loves the sweet taste of honey. It’s such an interesting process for the public to see how honey is extracted from the hive. Members are welcome to bring their own supers to be extracted by our festival volunteers during the festival.

The Honey Bee Festival is our opportunity to share our love and fascination of honey bee’s with the public. I await the 25th with pleasure and plan to bring my own family to enjoy the festivities. I look forward to seeing you all there!

Thank you,

Michelle Clark
Communications 🐝

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2 thoughts on “RPBBA Needs You!”

    1. Hey Jim,
      Come when you can. I know the operations leads are talking about coming around 3pm to start blocking off the festival space. The bulk of volunteers have been told 5pm. However others we know can’t get there till later because of work.


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