Upcoming EAS Conference – Details Available

Hello Regional Virginia Clubs,

I am your Virginia delegate and Board Member to the Eastern Apicultural Society. EAS powers-that-be have asked me to ask you to forward and post or make available the following notice to regional and local clubs. A downloadable copy is attached as well.

EAS will be great this year and in a beautiful location! We have all been knocked back by Covid-19 one way or the other. Let’s pull our great beekeeping community back even closer and support our great EAS organization!

EAS is extending an invitation to attend the 2022 EAS Conference “Being Social Again” that will be held at Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY. There will be a Short Course from Monday, August 1st to Wednesday, August 3rd and the Main Conference from Wednesday, August 3rd to Friday, August 5th! The Short Course features pathways for all levels of expertise as well as a Queen-Rearing day-long workshop and a Microscopy session. Morning plenary sessions, afternoon breakout pathways, dinners, social events, auctions, a children’s program, travel to a commercial beekeeper and the Cornell University Botanic Gardens and Mann Library Bee Collection are all offered during this jam-packed week of bee information, socializing and being connected!

Details may be found on the EAS website at: secretary. Registrations for attendees (both individual registration and volunteer registration) are now open and will be taken through June 30th. A separate registration is available for vendors. Volunteering details are outlined in the Journal and on the EAS 2022 Conference site.

Current members of the EAS may also go to the EAS Journal link on the EAS website at: https://easternapiculture.org/eas-membership/eas-journal/ to find information on the program schedule, volunteer opportunities, accommodations, conference features and a highlight of some of the local Ithaca and Finger Lakes area attractions.


EAS 2022 Ithaca Conference Planning Committee

Until then, Happy Beekeeping!

Anne Fraser

Virginia EAS Director
Strasburg VA

22-5-24 EAS is extending an invitation to your membership to attend the 2022 EAS Conference.docx

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