Monday, Study Group Will Be On Zoom

Hello Hello everyone,

I hope you are well and keeping warm. Please see the below update from Stan regarding Monday’s Study Group.
Hi Everyone,
     Carla and I really enjoy doing the Study Group along with John Davis. My hopes are to expand it  back to both levels (apprentice and journeymen). That depends on your participation.
     Unfortunately we feel for safety reasons the Study Group needs to also go on Zoom. For how long, we don’t know. I think we are doing better getting used to the format. We had a large group for the Club Meeting last week and a little smaller one for the Honey Bee Festival Planning Committee. Both, I feel, went smoothly. This coming Monday, Study Group will be on Zoom only. This is not what I would prefer, but I will do it out of concern for everyone. Just like I hate wearing a mask, I’ll do it for everyone’s sake. I’ll be driving back from Indiana, but barring unforeseen problems I’ll see you all  Monday Night.

     Your President,

     Stan Houk 
Thank you,

Michelle Clark
Communications 🐝
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